Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Health Tips

Eat 1 tea spoon variari (fennel seeds) after every meal

Microscopic dust is bad for eyes, splash cold water 5 times a day to cleanse the dust -

Red chillies - Do not consume Lal marchi - bad for liver, kidney and
gives ulcers

Do not use lots of oil or ghee when cooking.

Eat carrots Drink chaas (butter milk) Eat yogurt

Eat raw papaya in the morning and ripe papaya in the evening

Eat 2 ripe bananas a day (scientists have proven that eating very ripe bananas are good for reducing high blood pressure, cleaning the intestines and helping reduce constipation)

CINNAMON ¼ tea-spoon of cinnamon powder mixed with cereals or anything in the morning with breakfast activates the pancreas which produces insulin, reduces the sugar level in the body· mixed with honey, it can be good for lungs and liver

HALDI (turmeric Powder)boil 1 cup milk, mix with ½ teaspoon haldi kills
lactic acid take 1 cup water add honey (in a silver cup or Pyrex dish),
add 1 teaspoon haldi (filter in a cheese cloth) store in a dark bottle drink a
spoon keeps fever away boil haldi in oil till it burns changes colour to
black and rub on (malish) the babies every 15 days it helps skin disease and fever.

JEERA (cumin seeds) crush 1 teaspoon jeera add little salt, boil in water
and give to kids for 15 days for good appetite
It works as a good mouth refresher and is also good for the liver

JAIFER (nutmeg) boil with milk and drink.Good for sleep and helps clean the lungs

DHANA (SUKA) crush and make into a powder, eat daily to clean the blood, plus good for digestion

CLOVE one drop of clove oil mixed with honey helps with stuffy nose

ELCHI, peel and eat the seeds after meals, good for heart and heart muscles

KESAR (saffron) 8-10 strands of kesar boiled in milk helps with the memory
kesar is harmful for those with high blood pressure

POPPY SEEDS good for diarreah

BADAAM (almond) soak in water overnight, peel skin and eat 5-6 to
help increase brain power and memory also keeps headaches away

PISTA good for heart and lungs, helps with pneumonia

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