Friday, October 5, 2007

McDonald's Game

Ever dream of running your own McDonald’s? I sure as damn well haven’t, but still I quite enjoyed this game, which puts you in charge of the entire Maccas corporation.
You have to raise the cows, grow the feed, kill the cows (thankfully done offscreen), hire employees, and do PR and advertising.
The game is actually made by critics of the Golden Arches, so it’s all done with a less than subtle activist twist. You can bribe politicians, bulldoze rainforest villages, inject cows with hormones, rebuke staff, and use underhanded advertising methods to bring people into your stores.
Trouble is, while the message of “McDonald’s does evil stuff” gets through, I found myself really getting into it, laughing evilly as cthe ash register chinged up sale after sale of my delicious, but evil, burgers.
I now also feel a bit sorry for the poor CEO of the real McDonald’s, who’s just trying to keep from getting fired by his board, just like the fictional me was in the game.

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