Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Remedies For Memory Problems

I keep misplacing my house keys, I can't remember anyone's name-I finally told my doctor that my memory has been getting terrible lately." "What did the doctor do about it?"

"He made me pay in advance."

Sure, it's easy to make jokes, but we know how frustrating it is to feel like your memory is slipping. One remedy for remembering a familiar name, place or fact is to simply relax and forget that you can't remember. When you're not thinking about it, it will pop into your mind.

Neither of us believes a good or not-so­good memory is a matter of age. We think we're all victims of data overload.

The genius scientist and physicist Albert Einstein didn't believe in remembering anything he could look up. While that's not always practical, it is a tension-relieving thought.

Meanwhile, we have some remedies that may help you recreate a wonderful memory.

Natural home remedies
Choline is used by our brains to make the important chemical acetylcholine, which is required for memory. At a health food or vitamin store, buy choline chloride or choline hydrochloride­ not choline bitartrate. (The latter sometimes causes diarrhea.) Taking choline may improve your memory and your ability to learn. You should also notice a keener sense of mental organization.

Dose: Take 500 mg of choline twice a day. (Set your alarm clock so you won't forget to take it.) Here's a memory-improving drink-combine half a glass of carrot juice with half a glass of milk, and drink daily.
Three prunes a day supposedly improves memory. It can also help prevent constipation, and since constipation paralyzes the thinking process, take three prunes a day. Daily doses of fresh ginger used in cooking and for tea may heighten memory. Add four cloves to a cup of sage tea. Sage and cloves have been said to strengthen memory. Drink a cup every day.

Try This Paraguay Punch
Yerba mate (pronounced mah-tay) is a form of holly and is the national beverage of Paraguay, where it's grown. One of the many positive effects of the herb, according to South American medical authorities, is that it strengthens one's memory. Drink one cup early in the day. Yerba mate is available at health food stores.
NOTE: Be aware that yerba mate contains caffeine, although less than coffee or regular tea. Take 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of room-temperature water before each meal Not only is it said to be an excellent tonic for the memory, but it also curbs the appetite. Ah, the healing powers of almonds. Eat six raw almonds every day to help improve your memory.

Eye-Opening Discovery
Our research led us to a Japanese doctor whose records show that he successfully treated more than 500 patients who were having memory problems. How? By recommending they take eyebright, an herb best known for treating eye disorders... until now. Add ½ ounce of eyebright and 1 tablespoon of clover honey to 1½ cups of just-boiled water. When it's cool, strain the mixture and put it in a boule. Drink ¾ cup before lunch and ¾ cup before dinner. Two mustard seeds, taken as you would take pills, first thing every morning, are said to revive one's memory.
Eat a handful of sunflower seeds daily. These seeds are beneficial in many ways, one being memory improvement.
According to a gem therapist, wearing an amethyst helps strengthen one's memory. You just have to remember to wear the amethyst.

Walk This Way
Walking increases oxygen flow to the brain ...and it's never too late! Researchers experimented on adults between the ages of 60 and 75. The group that walked briskly three days a week, starting with 15 minutes each day and working their way up to 45 minutes a day, had a 15% boost in mental functioning. That 15% could mean an end to the frustration of not remembering things.. .at any age.

What's the most prevalent color in legal pads? In Post-Its? Notice a pattern forming here? According to color therapy research, yellow most stimulates the brain. Writing on yellow paper may help you better remember whatever it is you've written.


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