Friday, January 18, 2008

Eating right fat (cooking oil)

The quality of oil can shorten OR lengthen life spans. The average age of menarche in girls in the past was 17 years ! Their diet contained 20% fat. Toady it's 13 year, and they consume 42% fat!.

Eating right fat helps :
1. Energy levels

2. Athletic performance

3. Fat loss

4. Cardiovascular health

5. Longevity

Oils in supermarkets today are different from that used to be consumed many years ago. The method of oil processing has changed overtime and with that end products too. We have plenty of choices but organic cold pressed oils are best (raw oil , extra virgin).

Do not use more than one teaspoon , which contain 45 calories. Excessive intake harms the body. The claim of low calorie oil is sham. Don't be fooled by clever brand games.

Benefits of various oils

Groundnut Oil

1. Groundnut oil has SFA, MUFA and PUFA closed to WHO recommendation--it lowers cholesterol levels, improves good cholesterol.

2. Has high smoking point, safe to reuse.

3. Contains natural antioxidants, prevents degenerative diseases.

4. Inhibits, cancer growth.

Drawback of Groundnut oil

Groundnut oil is usually refined. Choose organic, cold pressed groundnut oil. The filtered variety contains toxic compounds.


Sesame Oil :

1. Rich in mono, polyunsaturated acids, antioxidants lowering cholesterol.

2. Anti cancerous.

3. Reduce nerve, bone disorders,poor blood circulation lowered immunity and bowel problems.

4. Reduces stress, insomnia

5.Promotes lactation in nursing mothers being a rich in calcium.

5. Strengthens memory.

6. Excellent too cure joint pains, arthritis

Drawback of Sesame Oil :

Use carefully with children, kidney disease, people with liver or kidney disease , and diarrhea due to its laxative properties.


Olive Oil :

1. High in calcium,magnesium,Vitamin A and E, which reduces risk of chronic diseases like heart and cancer.
2. Anti-oxidant properties.
3. High in mono saturated fat.
4. Contain chlorophyll, iron.
5. Protein Rich.
6. Flushes out toxins from liver when combind with lemon juice.

Drawback of Olive Oil :

Low in essential fatty acids.

Canola Oil

1. Vitamin E -- antioxidant helps reduce chronic diseases-cardio and cancer.
2. High levels of mono saturated fats, decrease cholesterol.
3. Contains essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Drawback of Canola Oil:

Some brands are genetically modified, mostly refined and are solvent extract.


Coconut Oil:

1. Good source of raw saturated fat.
2. Aids digestion.
3. Raw coconut oil lower cholesterol.
4. Prevents cancer,senility, ageing and degeneration.
5. Increases progesterone levels.
6. Contains Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin E.
7. Increase energy levels and normalises blood sugar.
8. Reduce thyroid function.

Drawback of Coconut Oil :

Not a very good lubricant compared to other oils. Refined oil increases cholesterol.


Ghee :
30 % of total fat consumed should be saturated , thus ghee.

1. Reduces problems of oxidized cholesterol, trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fats.
2. Prevents damage from free radicals.
3. Ayurveda uses only ghee for curing various diseases.
4. Reduces toxins in the body, increases memory.
5. Energises Liver, increases semen

Drawback :

High saturated fat. Eat in moderation

Mustard Oil :

1. Essential fatty acids required for metabolic functions.
2. Levels of mono-saturated fatty acids
3. Contains proteins, calcium,antioxidants.
4. Inhibits growth of yeast, moulds therefore a natural preservative.
5. Anti-carcinogenic, anti bacterial.

Draw back of Mustard oil :

Has eruic acid and glucosinolates, having a degenerative effect on heart muscles if consumed in large amounts.


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