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Home Remedies for Common Fever

When your forehead feels hot enough to fry an egg, your body is shaking like Jell-O and your teeth are chattering, it's hard to believe that fever is your friend.But it is.

A fever isn't a disease. It's a symptom of an infection, typically caused by a cold or the flu. When you have a cold, for instance, your immune system signals to your brain that it needs more body heat in order to attack infectious cells, and your body temperature rises.

There are some tried and true procedures that can help bring down the fever and make you more comfortable. Here's what doctors recommend.

Following are the signs that indicate the presence of this ailment:
High temperature
Muscle ache
Burning eyes
Loss of appetite
Coated tongue
Excessive production of saliva
Feeling of heaviness and nausea


Fever is caused due to the aggravation of any one or all the doshas of the body. Fever can occur as a result of infection, because of external injury, insect bite or poisoning.It must be kept in mind that fever can also be a symptom of many conditions, like bronchitis, pleurisy,tuberculosis, jaundice, malaria, measles or influenza.

Home remedies for Fever

Some general remedies that are beneficial in fever are:
Mild sweating: this helps to digest the toxins. Lie on a bed covered with a blanket, for 15 to 20 minutes. Drinking a hot liquid also helps. Take 10 grams (one-tablespoon) raisins and 10 grams (one tablespoon) fresh ginger. Crush and put in 200-ml. water for one hour. Boil this decoction till the water rreduces to 50 ml. Strain and drink while warm.

Dosage: This preparation can be taken twice a day.

Holy Basil:
One of the effective home remedies for common fever is the holy basil. Make a potion using about twelve grams of these holy basil leaves, boiling them in half a liter of water. This should be given twice daily with half a cup of milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of powdered cardamom (chhoti elaichi) to the diseased. This will help in bringing down the temperature.

Fenugreek Seeds:
Drink tea made from fenugreek seeds twice daily. It is very beneficial as a cleansing and soothing drink. It is specifically helpful in dissolving mucus.

Another useful home treatment is tea made from saffron. Prepare this tea by putting half a teaspoon of saffron in 30 ml of boiling water. Give a tsp of this tea to the patient every hour till the temperature returns to normal.

The extract from raisins is quite helpful in the treatment of common fever. Prepare this extract by soaking twenty-five raisins in half a cup of water and crushing them in the same water. Strain the potion and discard the skin. The raisin water thus prepared becomes a tonic. Adding half a teaspoon of limejuice to the extract for enhancing its usefulness. Take this twice daily.

A cup of fresh juice of apricots mixed with one teaspoon of glucose or honey is quite good for fevers. It quenches the thirst and eliminates the waste products from the body. It also supplies vitamins and minerals to the body. Thus, it helps in toning up the eyes, stomach, liver, heart, and nerves.

The juice of grapefruit is valuable in all fevers. Helpful in quenching thirst, it also removes the burning sensation produced by the fever. Half a glass of grapefruit juice should be taken with half a glass of water.

Another ideal food in all types of fever is orange. It provides energy, increases urinary output, and promotes body resistance against infections. It is especially effective when the digestive power of the body is seriously hampered.

Home remedies for fever #1: Drink as much water as you can in order to replace fluid loss. It will also help to bring down body temperature.

Home remedies for fever #2:Rest as much as possible.

Home remedies for fever #3:Avoid suddenly changes in atmospheric temperatures.

Home remedies for fever #4:Avoid eating solid foods until the fever is gone. You can

replace the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water and/or juices.

Home remedies for fever #5:when you have fever do not take any supplement containing either iron or zinc. Taking iron causes great tension in a body that is fighting infection; and zinc is not absorbed by the body when you have fever.

Home remedies for fever #6:Take cool bathes, fill a bath tub, submerge and lay down for 5 minutes approximately. Repeat as needed until the fever is down.

Home remedies for fever #7:If the fever does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course. It helps the body to fight infection and eliminate toxins.

Home remedies for fever #8:When a child has fever do not give them aspirin, instead try to reduce the fever with cold baths.

Dos and don'ts
Easily digestible diet is advised for the patient
Boiled or steamed vegetables
vegetable soup
fruit and fruit juices
small quantities of cow milk can be taken two to three times a day
Khichadi is very good with spices like cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric, ginger and saltcan be also be added to it.
Egg plant, bitter gourd and cooked radish and barley water is good.
Small amounts of whole grain bread or biscuits can be taken with milk. Heavy foods that are difficult to digest like fried foods, fast foods, meat, chicken, fish, and raw foods should be completely avoided.
The patient should take ample rest.
Exposure to extreme cold or heat, exertion, exercise, mental stress, sexual activity and any other type of physical activity should be avoided until the patient regains strength.

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